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Market Access and Regulatory Compliance

Entering new markets in the technology space can be a daunting task for any company. Market access and regulatory support services are crucial for success, as they help companies identify opportunities, minimise risks, and comply with local regulations at an optimal cost.  

Regulatory Licensing

We obtain connectivity approvals – including licenses, authorisations, notifications or waivers for connectivity products and services – leveraging our expert knowledge, and network of contacts across key government authorities and stakeholders. In some jurisdictions, laws may be unclear or may not exist; in such circumstances,
we work with regulatory auth
orities to develop a custom authorisation, secure a non-objection, or even support
the authority to develop a viable licensing framework.

Market and Competitive Intelligence 

Through our in-depth research and analysis of market dynamics, regulatory policies and consumer behaviour,
our comprehensive market intelligence reports help clients identify new opportunities with accurate and actionable information. Additionally, our competitive intelligence reports help clients understand the competition and their market position.

Market Access Campaign Advisory 

We work closely with our clients to identify desired outcomes and develop a clear and actionable market access campaign strategy that fits their requirements. The reach of our market access campaigns can be local, regional or global. We can work through global multilateral and multi-stakeholder organisations, across various jurisdictions at once, across an entire region, or in a single organisation. Through such work, we ensure better regulatory coherence and closer collaboration.

Regulatory Tools Navigation and Implementation

We help clients navigate dynamic regulatory landscapes and understand the policies that impact them. Additionally, to ensure our clients' compliance with regulations, we develop customised strategies and work alongside them to implement industry-standard toolboxes, best practices, and frameworks. We draw from established organisations like ITU and BEREC to provide the most effective solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.


Regulatory Support for Product Development

We provide comprehensive intelligence for product development, identifying risks and opportunities for our clients
to ensure that any potential non-compliance at later stages of the development process is avoided. We help develop actionable steps to manage and integrate the product and service from technical, regulatory, political and economic standpoints to not only ensure full re
gulatory compliance, but also seamless integration into the national technology stack.

Product Due Diligence

We provide our clients with a thorough evaluation of the technical, legal, financial, and commercial aspects of their products or services. By identifying any potential issues early on, product due diligence helps clients avoid costly mistakes and delays in product launches, reducing their overall risk exposure and enhancing their competitive edge.  

Case Study 1

Our client, a global satellite operator, was seeking authorisations to launch an in-flight aeronautical broadband connectivity product across several countries in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Leveraging our wide network of regulatory contacts, we were able to procure custom authorisations and non-objections for the product's entry into service well ahead of our client's proposed timeline.  

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